Submissions of photos, articles, and information related to the photography of trains are welcome, wanted and NEEDED for publication in The RAILROAD PRESS . Study the following general guidelines and CONTRIBUTE!

PHOTOS: When sending photos, please emphasize quality instead of quantity.We are looking for your best work. Please do not send "seconds" or dupes; remember, you are representing yourself with your work. Photos should be sharp, perfectly exposed 35mm or larger transparencies, or GLOSSY, technically perfect black & white or color prints. (Color slides and prints may be published as either color or b&w, depending on the need and layout requirements.) Transparencies and prints should be submitted in clear plastic pages!
DIGITAL GUIDELINES -- Yes, we welcome digital images, too! Please follow the following criteria...

1. Submit original .RAW files that haven't been corrected in any way. If you only shoot .JPG's, then send the file as it is created by your camera -- do not do any correction, as this will degrade the file.

2. Submit a CD or DVD that is disposable or a flash drive. Since these are duplicate files, there is no sense spending the money for an SASE to get it back, and it will save time. Please do not email us about our interest in a specific image. We will review all images submitted.

3. WE NOW HAVE AN FTP SITE!!! Please contact us for a userid and password. For Flash Drives, CD's or DVD's, please use mail, UPS, FedEx or other delivery services. There is no need to send prints with digital media.

4. Please don't submit the same files to TRP and to other magazines. Do this as a courtesy to railfans who purchase several magazines, so they don't have to see the same pictures everywhere.

Please do not send material previously published elsewhere!!!

IMPORTANT!!! Type or legibly print your name and address on EACH slide mount, or on a piece of paper taped to the back of EACH print. (Do not write directly on the back of a print -- the ink may show through, ruining the photo.) Caption information should be as complete as possible. Tape this information on the back of each print, or use a separate caption page for slides, keyed to a number on each slide. Better yet, email us your captions!!!
Also, if applicable, include any funny, difficult or unusual circumstances involved with getting the photo. Write yourself a real classic!
SPECIFIC PHOTO NEEDS: Sharp, well-lit photos illustrating dramatic use of color, dramatic night photo techniques (especially open flash), composition, or depth of field. Photos are also needed for these departments: "People," "Sign Language," "Time Machine," "Antiques RailRoadshow," "Scenic Route," "Close, But No Cigar," "Car Corner."Humorous or unusual photos are always in need for use in "E.O.T." (along with any funny or unusual story related to the photo.)
Also we need a supply of individual photos (not related to any specific article or theme) that are dramatic and eye-catching for use in a "Readers' Gallery" type of presentation. Also wanted for this feature is nice photos that have a humorous or interesting story behind them.
ESPECIALLY NEEDED are sharp, well-exposed, eye-catching vertical b&w's for full page use..

ARTICLES: Feature articles, short stories, and short technical tips should be emailed -- or if tht's not available, typed or computer printed.
Especially wanted are detailed articles describing a particular area, line or railroad, including a map, radio frequencies, traffic patterns, strategy for shooting this line and history. Illustrate this with 40 or more slides and/or b&w or color photos with complete captions. The more you include, the better! We are also looking for all types of in-depth railroad-related articles., escpecially detailed histories.
Detailed features on trackside or other photographic techniques (such as darkroom work), accompanied by the appropriate photos for illustration.
Short, humorous anecdotes about railfanning are needed (these may also be illustrated with a single photo related to your story).
If in doubt about a particular subject you have in mind, write and we will discuss it -- we are always open for fresh ideas!

TIPS: (1): We always need a good supply of the more "creative" type of train photo showing dramatic action or composition. (2): Send verticals (turn your camera sideways). We are always looking for strong shots for cover use! (3): Look for new subjects that are fresh and different (without being off-the wall or not relevant to what most railfans would be interested in). (4): Remember, your photos are often enlarged for publication, and need to be very sharp.

PAYMENT RATES: In exchange for the right to use your submitted photograpy in TRP Magazine, you will receive three copies of the issue your photography or written material appears in. The 3 complimentary issues will be in exchange for one-time rights to run your photograph and/or written work in the magazine plus the right to use the image (and / or an excerpt from your writing) again in future advertising for TRP (your slide or print will be returned after the original use -- we will reproduce from the actual magazine). If you have two or more photos that you submitted appearing in a single issue, 6 complimentary copies will be provided.

GENERAL: ALL submissions MUST include a self-addressed envelope of sufficient size and with sufficient postage attached for return of material. (DO NOT use a post office metered sticker for the return postage, as these are only good on the date they are purchased.) Also, it is advised that all submissions be placed between two large pieces
of box cardboard (not thin paper-like cardboard).

Send all submissions to:

PO Box #444W
Hanover, PA 17331-0444

TRP IS AN EXCELLENT PLACE TO GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED. Just follow the above guidelines and tips, and you will have an excellent chance of seeing your work in print. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Revised 12/20/2014

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